Level 2 : Back flying

30'    1    15
Included : Videos - 1 person

Flight pack valid for 1 person

If you have completed "Level 1 : Belly flying" the next step is to learn to fly on your back by completing your "Level 2 : Back flying". The objective is to learn to fly by yourself on your back and to make basic movements such as moving up and down, flying forwards and backwards and doing turns.

The pack consists of 30 minutes of flying time split in two sessions with briefings before and after the flights. Flight coaching is included in the pack.

This pack is the second step of a three step progression to becoming a proflyer. After having completed this level you can move on to "Level 3 : 2-way" and hereby complete the program.

Do not hesitate! Give yourself a new challenge to pick up a new and exciting activity. Book the pack and join us in our indoor skydiving community.

The pack is only avaliable to persons having completed a first time flyer pack and "Level 1 : Belly flying". 

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Your first steps


  1. Buy your packs on line. You can either reserve directly or buy a gift voucher, ready to be offered to someone.
  2. Please present yourself in reception one hour before your flight.
  3. Ideal clothing: Jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. We will take care of the rest. Have a good flight.
  4. If you have ever had a dislocated shoulder, flying is not advised. Maximum weight allowed is 120 kg.
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