Level 3 : Two-way

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Included : Videos - 1 person

Flight pack valid for 1 person

If you have completed "Level 1 : Belly flying" and "Level 2 : Back flying" the "Level 3 : two-way" is the next step is to learn to fly with another person in the windtunnel. The objective of the " Level 3 : two-way" is to learn to fly with another person in the windtunnel hereunder learning to fly on a larger range of speeds in a more precise manner.

The pack consists of 15 minutes of flying time with a briefing before and after the flights. Flight coaching is included in the pack.

This pack is the third and last step of a three step progression to becoming a proflyer. After having completed this level you have aquired the nescessary skills to be a proflyer.

Do not hesitate! Give yourself a new challenge to pick up a new and exciting activity. Book the pack and join us in our indoor skydiving community.

The pack is only avaliable to persons having completed a first time flyer pack, "Level 1 : Belly flying" and "Level 2 : Back flying"

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  1. Buy your packs on line. You can either reserve directly or buy a gift voucher, ready to be offered to someone.
  2. Please present yourself in reception one hour before your flight.
  3. Ideal clothing: Jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. We will take care of the rest. Have a good flight.
  4. If you have ever had a dislocated shoulder, flying is not advised. Maximum weight allowed is 120 kg.
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